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Bring all-flash, scale-out storage to

your enterprise applications with

EMC XtremIO. Purpose-built for

flash, XtremIO storage arrays are

amazingly fast. Delivering high IOPS

at less than 1 millisecond latency is

just the start. EMC XtremIO helps

you harness the power of flash

storage by building in innovations

like content-based data placement

and dual-stage metadata. As a result,

you’ll have predictable and balanced

performance, always-on data

reduction, thin provisioning, data

protection, writeable snapshots,

encryption, and simple storage provisioning. Ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual server infrastructure, databases and analytics, and mixed workload consolidation. See how XtremIO has been recognized as an all-flash array Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. Visit the EMC Reflections blog to or visit Gartner directly to view the report: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays. Choose an EMC XtremIO system and scale out linearly by adding more XtremIO X-Bricks.


XtremIO is the only scale-out storage array designed from the ground up for flash, with unique in-memory metadata that does magic for data services and data reduction. No more legacy limitations. Everything is optimized for flash and leverages all of its capabilities, minimizes its cost, and maximizes its lifespan. This is the world’s #1, totally purpose-built, scale out, all-flash array powered by Intel processors. No wonder. So whatever you need to do you can do it better than you ever knew possible with XtremIO. Database storage. VDI storage. Literally anything. Apps run faster. Scale better. Cost less. Gain tremendous flexibility. Empower users. Who says you can’t please all the people all the time?

System           Raw Capacity        Read/Write IOPS     Read IOPS

Starter          5 TB                    150K                     250K

1 X-Brick      10, 20, 40 TB     150K                      250K

2 X-Bricks    20, 40, 80 TB      300K                     500K

4 X-Bricks    40, 80, 160 TB    600K                    1M

6 X-Bricks    120 or 240 TB    900K                     1.5M

8 X-Bricks    160 or 320 TB    1.2M                     2M

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The X-Brick Building Block

The XtremIO storage system is based on a

scale- out architecture. The system uses

building blocks, called X-Bricks, which can be

clustered together to grow performance and

capacity as required. An X-Brick by itself is a

high availability, high performance SAN storage

appliance with 5TB, 10TB or 20TB capacity that

can drive incredible database loads, handle

thousands of virtual machines and support

thousands of virtual desktops. The logical

usable amount of storage available is

substantially higher than the physical flash due to real-time, inline data reduction and thin provisioning. When additional IOPS performance or capacity is required, the XtremIO storage system scales-out linearly, such that two X-Bricks will supply twice the IOPS and four X-Bricks will supply four times the IOPS. Latency remains consistently low as the system scales due to the powerful RDMA Infiniband fabric within the system.


Big, small, or anywhere in between, there’s an XtremIO array sized right for you.  With a scale-out design that grows according to your needs, additional performance and capacity are added in a building-block approach.  XtremIO’s advanced architecture ensures that maximum performance is maintained as the system scales – without administrator intervention, configuration or tuning! All resources scale in balance – storage processors, memory, flash capacity, and host ports – so you always get the most out of the system and there are no performance bottlenecks.


And when rethinking flash storage from the ground-up, why not remake data protection in the process? XtremIO’s flash-specific data protection algorithms ensure the array is as resilient as it is fast. Every X-Brick has its data protected in an N+2 scheme that tolerates multiple simultaneous

SSD failures. Optimal data encoding and decoding processes recover from failed SSDs rapidly with distributed rebuilds. Hot spares are not needed since XtremIO’s distributed rebuilding process utilizes free space in the array.  And while providing this extreme level of data protection, XtremIO’s algorithms also outperform every traditional RAID level while demanding fewer write cycles from the flash. It’s data protection that is faster, safer, utilizes less capacity overhead, and yields the highest flash endurance. Only on XtremIO.




With ExtremIO, Lock in

Your Support Pricing

XtremIO Xpect More Program lowers TCO by locking in Premium Support Services pricing for up to seven years, longer than any other vendor. If you purchase an XtremIO array between July 1, 2014 and December 31, 2015 with three years of Premium Support Service, you will have the option to renew that contract at the same price for up to four more years. That’s what you should expect from the leader in Flash.

Each X-Brick is comprised of:

• One 2U Disk Array Enclosure (DAE),


• 13 (Starter X-Brick) or 25 eMLC SSDs (400GB or

   800GB SSD options)

• Two redundant power supply units (PSUs)

• Two redundant SAS interconnect modules

• One Battery Backup Unit

• Two 1U Storage Controllers (redundant storage



Each Storage Controller includes:

• Two redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs)

• Two 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (FC) ports

• Two 10GbE iSCSI ports

• Two 40Gb/s InfiniBand ports

• One 1Gb/s management/IPMI port. All of this

   drives the hardware magic of XtremIO, and

   that is only the beginning

XtremIO arrays scale-out to any desired performance or capacity

level.  Just add more ‘X-Brick’ scaling units.

Call us toll-free at 877-449-0458







Call us toll-free at 877-449-0458

Unlike hard drives, flash media has a limited write cycle life span. Also unlike hard drives, data stored on flash cannot be directly overwritten. Rather it must first be erased (which is very slow) and then reprogrammed with the new data. Thus, it is imperative to engineer the storage system to ensure that the flash media will last for the expected life span of the array under heavy enterprise workloads. XtremIO has developed several technologies that ensure our storage system will last for at least five years under constant, full speed write workloads.

Flash Media Longevity

Key Features







It’s easy to think about XtremIO as just another flash array that’s great for boosting

performance on some critical application.  But if that’s the only way you think about it,

you’re missing the huge value it brings across your data center.  It’s common for

XtremIO customers to begin with a targeted workload in mind, but quickly find out

they can expand the use cases for the array with additional applications and workloads, and to revise their flash strategy to use XtremIO across the board.


To our customers, XtremIO is magic.  It transforms their datacenters.  It transforms their businesses.  It transforms they way they spend their time because they no longer worry about provisioning or tuning complexity.  If you haven’t taken a hard look at XtremIO, you’re missing out on one of the most important technological shifts to come along in a decade.


XtremIO’s features are best described in five categories; achieving longevity of the flash media, lowering the effective cost of flash capacity, delivering performance and scalability, providing operational efficiency, and delivering advanced storage array functionality. Many features overlap these categories, providing benefits in several areas at once.

 • Scales to more than 1,612 TB effective capacity per cluster

 • Inherently load balances data for maximum performance

    without tuning


 • Provides writeable snapshots with space efficiency and zero

    performance impact


 • Delivers truly inline, always-on data deduplication to reduce

    capacity needs and TCO


 • Enables operational and disaster recovery using native

    replication with EMC RecoverPoint


 • Includes XtremIO Data Protection (XDP): more resilient and

    lower overhead than legacy RAID


 • EMC XtremIO Xpect More Program: Lock in Premium Support

    pricing for up to 7 years


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Call us toll-free at 877-449-0458









Flash arrays are not

all created equal. Even features that sound identical can have vastly different capabilities. When considering flash

storage products, be sure to consider the following exclusive EMC XtremIO








MLC Flash



Linear Scale- Out Architecture


Enterprise High-





Real-time Inline

Global Data




Granular Thin





Aware Copy




Data  Protection



Full VMware

VAAI  Integration





Recycling previous designs and software

doesn’t unlock the true potential of flash.


MLC flash capacity is far less expensive, but requires specific wear-abatement measures

to achieve enterprise-grade longevity.


Flash performance quickly bottlenecks any dual-controller design.


Maintaining service and data availability at all times.


Minimizes system cost by reducing the amount

of flash needed.  Real-time data reduction

delivers consistent performance and fewer

flash write cycles by eliminating background processing.  Global data reduction works across

all configured volumes and capacity in the array.


Along with scale-out, allows capacity purchases to be deferred until time of need.  Granularity avoids over allocation of space.


Allows creation of instantaneous, high-performance volume clones that do not

consume additional flash capacity.


Provides faster rebuilds, superior

performance, lower capacity overhead, better

data protection, and greater flash endurance


Allows the array to offload and accelerate several common provisioning tasks.



Having a global organization stand behind the product.

XtremIO Value

XtremIO arrays are 100% flash specific, yielding new levels of performance and functionality.


Architecture addresses MLC flash endurance through data reduction, inherent wear leveling,

and efficient algorithms and throughout the array.


Performance and capacity always scale together to any desired level. No performance bottlenecks.


XtremIO arrays are N-way active and fully fault-tolerant with no single points of failure.


The only flash array with true inline, always-on, global data reduction. Only unique data is placed on arrays, reducing capacity requirements and increasing endurance.  Data reduction is never switched off or post-processed. Performance improves as data reduction rates increase.


XtremIO arrays only allocate capacity when data is written, and always match the allocation perfectly to host and operating system demands.


Array-based copy services are completely flexible. Snapshots and clones can achieve the same performance as their parent volumes.


Only XtremIO implements flash-specific data protection that is not rooted in disk-based RAID algorithms.


The only all-flash array with complete deduplication enhanced VAAI support allowing instant VM clones rapid provisioning.


As part of EMC, XtremIO is fully

field supported and there is no

“startup vendor risk”.


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